Work type: Series
Identifier: IA.ITM.726
Title type: published
Object titles: Birdsong
From Birdsong's Tumblr page:
Birdsong is a DIY micropress and writing/arts collective located in Brooklyn. It is founded in April, 2008 with four goals in mind: to foster sustained collaboration among artists, musicians and writers in the form of an ongoing workshop; to continually encourage each other to produce creative work; to host free, public events where members can showcase works in progress; and to circulate members’ creative endeavors in a low-cost, easy to reproduce, and high-frequency format.
Date: 2009, created
Subject terms: art, literature
Enumeration and Chronology:
Birdsong 8: Luster;
Birdsong 9: Sweet;
Birdsong 10: Ephemera;
Birdsong 11: Latitude

Related People

Tommy Pico (creator)
Daniel Portland (editor)
Chantal Johnson (editor)
Katie Naoum (editor)
Roy Perez (editor)
Max Steele (editor)
Lauren Wilkinson (artist)

Archive Storage Location

Half-size zine boxes