A.W.O.L.: Youth for Peace and Justice

Work type: Item
Identifier: IA.ITM.646
Title type: published
Object titles: A.W.O.L.: Youth for Peace and Justice
Description: Zine created the Student Coalition Resisting Enlistment and Militarism, a program of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. From the editor's note: "AWOL is dedicated to providing information, support, and solidarity to... us all that doesn't buy into the hype of our materialistically violent society...".

Includes writings by students, ex-students, and youth who are against militarism. Discusses draft registration, onscientious objector status, education's connection to the military. Reviews other zines and music.  
Date: circa 1998, published
Holdings: 2
Subject terms: military, resisting enlistment, JROTC, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, draft, U.S. army, Reina Aveja, war
Enumeration and Chronology:
issue 3
Measurements and Extent: half sized

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Philadelphia (published)

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