Battle of Tomkins Square Park [Poster]

Work type: Item
Identifier: IA.ITM.243
Title type: descriptive
Object titles: Battle of Tomkins Square Park [Poster]
Description: commemorating the events in Tomkins Square Park in August 1988, police brutality against protesters, protests against gentrification,two riot police stencils (different sizes) reused in 1991: "A reaction to the heavy handed police response to the neighborhood homeless",one homeless stencil; also used in a stencil animation with bible text at Times Square in 1987 shown on Christmas 1987 every 20 minutes on the Spectacolor Lightboard Project through Public Art Fund; also used during Housing Protest March, Houston Street, 1995, N.Y.C.,signed by the artist
Date: 1988, created
Subject terms: Police brutality, Riots
Measurements and Extent: 11 x 8 1/2"

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