Space City!

Work type: Series
Identifier: 2016.040.92
Title type: published
Object titles: Space City!
Description: Space City! was an underground newspaper published in Houston, Texas from 1969 to 1972. The founders were Students for a Democratic Society veterans and former members of the staff of the Austin, Texas underground newspaper, The Rag,
The first twelve issues of the paper were published under the name Space City News, but, starting with issue No. 13 (Jan. 17, 1970), the name was changed to Space City! (with the exclamation point as a graphical design flourish) when it was discovered that another publication (a UFO newsletter) was already using the name.
Date: 1970 - 1972, published
Subject terms: Underground Press, Houston, Black liberation movement, Police brutality, People's Party, Counterculture, art criticism, Black Panther Party
Enumeration and Chronology:
Vol 2 No 5 [August 1-21, 1970];
Vol 2 No 6 [Aug. 22- Sept. 4, 1970]

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Thorne Dreyer (editor)
Victoria Smith (editor)
Cam Duncan (editor)
Sue Mithun Duncan (editor)
Kerry Fitzgerald (illustrator)
Dennis Fitzgerald (editor)
Judy Gitlin Fitzgerald (editor)

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Houston (created)

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